Hello! My name is Elena Tatkina. I am an Artist, a Teacher, an Art Director, and a Production Designer. As a Computer Graphics Producer, I participated in famous movies including “The Turkish Gambit”, “The Brest Fortress”, “Mongol” etc.

At Veronika Kalacheva’s Art school I have the privilege of teaching the course of pastel drawing.

Pastel Drawing for Beginners— 

Get a New Perspective!

The pastel drawing tutorial has been a significant course that has contributed over 2 years to the Schools program. It became immensely popular resulting in other schools using it as a basis for their own classes.

Thousands of students have successfully completed the first version of the course and provided several positive comments and feedback.

We analyzed the process of the lesson by reviewing the education, including all the errors, feedback, and suggestions, and decided to improve the course to meet the needs and standards of our students.

Meanwhile, there have been several new techniques and pastel materials which have emerged recently, and we are continuously adapting our course and improving it to keep up with the changes.

We have added new topics and tasks to ensure the explanations are more informative and interactive for our viewers. This change has resulted in our lessons and tutorials being more engaging and interesting.

A lot of long and hard-working months of passion and experience has gone into this, and here you go – we reveal to you, the brand-new course, “Pastel drawing for beginners!”

This course is completely different to the previous one and compared to the rest of the other schools. Now, you will be able to find more modern lessons, updated topics, and super-efficient techniques that will equip you to deliver amazing results.

Even if you had been studying with us during the first course, we guarantee that you will be able to find new tasks and skills in this new and improved course.

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