Welcome to Kalacheva Art School: - an online drawing school for adults

Various courses with our leading teachers that include English subtitles.

Our special offer includes an online course recorded by Veronika Kalacheva who is also the founder of Kalacheva School. The Watercolor 2.0 course is now offered with English audio and subtitles.

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80 000+

Students around the world


Hours of online courses


Teachers of watercolors, pastels, etc

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The school was established in 2013.
It is licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for educational activities.

We offer more than over 30 comprehensively recorded online courses including watercolor painting, pastels, oil, calligraphy, academic drawing, and human anatomy tailored to students of various levels.

We have 5 studios in Russia, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov and Nizhniy Novgorod with over 40 teachers currently employed at the school. We have a global following with more than 650 000 subscribers all over the world.


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