WATERCOLOR RIVERS: — A new series of online workshops presented by Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz.

Admit it, you can look at the water’s reflection endlessly! Only water gives a sense of constant movement in the static and living awe of nature. 

We will learn how to realistically draw reservoirs in the urban environment following detailed lessons, created by the Spanish watercolor artist, Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz. We will focus on the following drawings: Evening Tiber, Sunlit Scene, and Reservoir in the Burgas surroundings.

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz shares his watercolor approach -

“Firstly, I look for a captivating landscape. I travel a lot and I try to draw in unusual places. Then I make hundreds of sketches. I search for the right angle and always think about the composition. Afterwards, I sit down in the studio and finalize my drawing with all the details.”

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz
Spanish artist,

author of the course

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

Popular Spanish Artist and Master of Industrial Landscapes and atmospheric water sketches.

His paintings are not bright and sunny, but rather create a cloudy atmosphere, which is not very typical for Spanish people. He mainly incorporates grey-blue colors. The artist believes that the most important part of the drawing is the composition, even more than the subject of the color. The watercolor artist prefers to draw urban and industrial issues.

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