We present a series of online workshops showcasing “Pastel Innovations” introduced by Amazing Dawn Emerson (USA). 

We will study innovative techniques for using dry and oily pastels and learn how to master the author's methodology and drawing skills. In addition to that, we will work with Pan Pastel. We will experiment with the original methods of transferring the objects’ energy and merge pastel with other techniques.

I strive to merge abstraction with realism. 

“I don’t care about photographic accuracy,” explains Dawn Emerson describing her art approach. “My art is my way to interpret emotions through some strokes and detail, and abstraction allows me to do that.”

These online workshops are phenomenal and embody a unique and unexpected approach. We guarantee that you have never experienced pastels this way! Join us by signing up right away, it will definitely be worth it!

Dawn Emerson, 

the author of the course

Dawn Emerson

Dawn is a contemporary American artist and an honorary member of the American Society of Pastel Artists. She merges abstraction with realism.

Dawn has spent the past 20 years creating art and experimenting with various pastel techniques.

She regularly receives awards for pastel artworks, writes articles for various art publications and teaches in her own workshops. 

The variety of modern art supplies and constant desire to find some new techniques inspired Dawn Emerson to write a book titled “Pastel Innovations” in 2017 by North Light Publishers. This book was published in Russia, 2018 by MIF

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